Experts In The Field

Key PCF personnel possess a minimum 16 years of experience in the architecture, engineering and/or construction industries. Our testifying experts have up to 40 years of experience, having been refined in the rigors of high stakes, short-fuse assignments. Whether participating during construction, or being retained in the latter stages, our experience can assist in resolving even the most challenging problems.

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Kenji Hoshino
Kenji Hoshino, JD, CFCC, PSP
Principal Shareholder
Kelly R. Wallace
Kelly R. Wallace, JD, PSP
Michael S. Dennis
Michael S. Dennis, CFCC, CCP
J. Scott Palmer
J. Scott Palmer, PE, PSP
Senior Consultant
Greta A. Martin
Greta A. Martin, PE, PSP
Senior Consultant
Jeff L. Ottesen
Jeff L. Ottesen, PE, PSP, CFCC
Sandi Hammond
Sandi Hammond
Senior Analyst